Frequently Asked Questions


How many sheets can I cut?

Each guillotine has a different sheet cutting capacity, please refer to the guillotine page for specifications.

What are the safety features?

All PHE guillotines are sold with safety features such as light curtains or safety guards.

How often does the blade need changing?

This will depend on the amount you use it and the material you cut.

What is a cutting stick?

Cutting sticks are a critical part of a guillotine, made of plastic, have a total of 4 sides. These sticks are usually placed in a grove on the bed of the guillotine where the cutting blade will ultimately rest after making a cut. Designed to last for several hundred to several thousand cuts before being rotated or replaced.

The cutting stick plays a critical part in the cutting process and even help assist in producing clean cuts. Because the cutting blade rests in the cutting stick, the cut is properly completed, allowing the blade to make it through every sheet, even the last bottom sheet.

Cutting sticks are designed to help prolong the life of the blade and will not dull it. The plastic used in a cutting stick is designed to take the force of the blade’s impact while still maintaining structural integrity.

Signs of a worn cutting stick usually results in the last sheet not being cut all the way through. Each stick can be rotated a total of 8 times. Because the blade does not rest directly in the centre of a cutting stick, each side can be used 2 times. Simply flip the cutting stick a full 180 degrees to use the same side again. Most cutting sticks are square, it can be turned a total of 4 times.

Ultimately, after all sides of the cutting stick have been used and worn, they will need to be replaced. Luckily cutting sticks aren’t expensive.

What consumable items do I need to consider?

Guillotines at some stage will need the blade to be sharpened and the cutting stick to be replaced.

Is freight and installation included in the price

This will depend on the guillotine you choose and also the installation location and access availability for the larger guillotines.

What is the warranty period and what does it cover?

The warranty period is 12 months and covers all parts and labour.

How big is the guillotine?

There are many models starting from desk top to floor standing.

What kind of Guillotine do I need?

This depends on your application and the volume of guillotining you require, it would be best to talk to our customer support team to ascertain the most appropriate model.