Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Drills

Why use a paper drill over a standard punch?

Paper drills usually will drill through a lot more sheets at a time than a punch.

Should I leave my drill bits in the machine when not in use (over long time of no use)?

For short periods of non-use it is okay to leave the drill bit in the machine but for a long period of non-use then it would be advisable to remove the drill bit from the machine.

How often will I need to change my drill bit?

Drill bits can be sharpened many times before being replaced.

Do you provide finance?

Yes, PHE have access to both leasing and rental finance packages to suit.

Is there a foot petal?

On larger multi head machines yes, small office machines no.

How large is the drill?

Single head and twin head machines are desk top units and are similar to a small to medium size printer, 4 and 6 head machines are floor standing larger units.

Can I drill more than one hole at a time?

With a multi head machine all holes are drilled at once.

What thickness can the drill go through?

Each machine has different specifications please refer to machine page for specifications.

What drill should I use?

There are different size drill machines to suit all applications from single head to twin head to 6 head machines.

What drill bit suits what kind of job?

Drill bit user guide.

  • Nagel Type 1 steel drill bits suitable for all digital and offset paper and card
  • Nagel Teflon coated drill bits suitable for all digital and offset paper, card and synthetics
  • Nagel HD High Density coating drill Bits suitable for all paper and card and synthetics longer lasting

What is the warranty period on my drill and what does it cover?

All of PHE paper drills are covered by a 12 month warranty against faulty manufacturing, if something happens to your drill then you are covered for all parts & labour.