Frequently Asked Questions

Index Tabs

what colours are the tabs?

Each packet contains a mix of colours of yellow, red, blue, green and grey.

How many come in each packet?

Guide below.

  • 10 x 30mm packet of 108 tabs
  • 22 x 25mm packet of 54 tabs
  • 22 x 40mm packet of 36 tabs
  • 44 x 40mm packet of 24 tabs

Can I write on index tabs?

Yes, you can write on both side of the tabs.

Are these removable?

No, they are permanent.

What different size tabs can I purchase?

There are 4 sizes refer to the guide below.

  • 10 x 30mm
  • 22 x 25mm
  • 22 x 40mm
  • 44 x 40mm