Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing and Warranty

I think my machine is under warranty, how do I make a warranty claim?

You can lodge a warranty claim or phone 1800 632 200.

How do I book a service call?

Phone customer support on 1800 632 200 for service information.

Can I buy parts for my machine?

In most cases parts are available for all machines please contact us 1800 632 200 to find out more.

What machines can you service?

PHE services all machines sold by PHE and possible machines sold by other suppliers, this will depend on parts availability, please contact us on 1800 632 200 to enquire.

Do you have service staff available in my area?

PHE have service staff to cover most areas, please contact us on 1800 632 200 and speak to one of our customer support staff to find out more.