Dies to Suit D600

Manufacturer: Qupa | SKU: mqupa-d600-die


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Dies to suit the D600 punching unit, interchangeable dies gives you the flexibility of changing from one hole pattern to the next to suit different binding methods such as wire, comb, or plastic coil even calendar The D600 is the punch unit you need to choose a die to suit your binding needs, dies available include
  • F23 2:1 wire
  • F35 3:1 wire
  • Y47 4:1 spiral
  • Y49 6mm pitch spiral
  • F21 comb
  • FHM 3:1 calendar square hole
  • YHM 3:1 calendar round hole
Model numbers
Qupa F21, Qupa F23, Qupa F35, Qupa F4, Qupa Y47, Qupa Y49, Qupa Y59