Binding wires 2:1 pitch from 6mm to 32mm

Manufacturer: Gold Sovereign | SKU: SWIRE2:1-PF


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Gold Sovereign Wire Binding 2:1 Pitch

Wire binding is a very popular style of binding that gives you a professional finish
  • 2:1 pitch wires are 2 loops per inch (25mm) 23 loops down an A4 sheet
  • Semi-permanent binding, pages not easily removed
  • Sizes from 6 to 32mm
  • Strong durable hard wearing for high usage documents
  • Lay flat
  • ability able to be opened 360 degrees
  • Colours available black and white
  • Bind from 2 pages up to approximately 280 pages inc front and back cover, for smaller documents a 3:1 pitch wire ( 3 holes per inch 34 loops) can be used to bind up to 115 sheets
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