Superfax 10 Bin Collator

Manufacturer: Superfax | SKU: MEC4800-PF


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Superfax 10 Bin Collator EC4800

Superfax 10 bin collator is a fully featured friction fed collator and capable of feeding a wide variety of stocks including NCR and coated stock. With full diagnostics for double feed miss feed and paper out, you are assured of the correct sets each time, the criss-cross tray perfect for the NCR docket books delivering each book offset to the rest. Count up or count down in batches great for docket book work, rollers are easily replaced or cleaned for optimum feeding.
  • Digital touch control
  • 10 bins
  • Counter up and down for docket sets
  • Error detection jam, paper out, double feed
  • Criss-cross or straight stacking
  • Bin capacity 28mm 330+NCR sheets
  • Stacker capacity 65mm
  • Paper thickness 35 – 210GSM
  • Min paper size 95 x 148mm
  • Max paper size 325 x 469mm
  • Speed up to 4200 sets/hour
  • Able to connect towers together
Model numbers
EC 4800