Nagel 2 Head Drill Citoborma 290AB

Manufacturer: Nagel | SKU: MCIT290AB-PF


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Citoborma 290AB Paper Drill

2 head drill. The Nagel Citoborma 290AB comes with automatic lifting gear for powerstroke operation and is recommended for the larger volumes in the commercial market. The 290B Twin drilling spindle comes standard as a powerstroke unit, the two spindles are self-centring that can be adjusted from 45 to 160mm centres.
  • Power stroke 3.3 seconds per stroke
  • Drill bit size from 2 to 20mm
  • Suitable for drilling paper, card, plastics, textiles, leather etc
  • 6 pre-programmed hole patterns set-up within seconds
  • Auto release to next position after each stroke
  • Additional tabular bar with 5 interchangeable stops for individual programs
  • Self-centring table
  • Paper width up to 470mm
  • Throat depth up to 105mm
  • Sliding table
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Citoborma 290AB