SAGA 1604A

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SAGA 1604A Label Cutter

Fully automated, kiss-cut sheet label production, with impressive cut accuracy!

SAGA 1604A Pro series automatic cutting and label kiss cutting, this intelligent digital cutting system designed for short run production, allowing fast and accurate processes of cutting or kiss cutting, automatic feeding, CCD camera positioning and QR code software with plug in support for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW, allows fully automatic production and automatic job batching on the fly.

Impressive cut accuracy at speeds of up to 1200mm per second

The new 1604A with digital servo motor cutting control system, QR code and registration marks, instant job retrieval, reliable feeding, dual roller for accurate media control allows impressive accuracy and cut speeds.

Unattended production

The new 1604A with fast and accurate feeding along with a unique Y feed path and QR code job retrieval allows complete unattended production.

Blade depth and cut force to suit different media weight.

Blade depth adjustment is carried out manually on the adjustable cutting blade itself, the blade carrier supports 30°, 45° or 60° blades to suit different media types and cut force is one of the may features available via the supplied software.
  • Media min 150mm x 190mm
  • Media max 330mm x 750mm
  • Media thickness 150gsm to 350gsm
  • Digital servo motor
  • Scanning code mark and QR code
  • QR code software included
  • 4.3 inch touch screen
  • Sheet feeder capacity 200
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SAGA 1604A

Saga 1604 Label Cutter

Saga 1604