SAGA 6698

Manufacturer: Saga | SKU: MS2301-1


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SAGA 6698 Cut and Crease

The Saga FC Series flatbed cutter including plug-in software is ideal for short run and medium-sized production and samples of packaging, swing tickets and even labels. Processing material including paper, card, synthetics, films and labels, up to 600gsm. Using advanced digital contour cutting technology, the Flatbed Cutter follows artwork cut lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®, no cutting dies required, the sheets are produced to any shape, instantly and directly from the desktop. It can handle full cutting, half cutting, creasing and even drawing.Fully automated, kiss-cut sheet label, full cut and crease production, with impressive accuracy!
  • Media max 730mm x 1065mm
  • Maximum cutting size 650mm x 1020mm
  • Dual tool holder crease wheel and knife
  • Media thickness up to 600gsm
  • Digital servo motors
  • Scanning code mark and QR code
  • QR code software included
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Suction bed to hold media
Model numbers
SAGA 6698

Saga FCT 6698