X5 Comb & Wire Binding Machine

Manufacturer: Gold Sovereign | SKU: MGSX5


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GS X5 Combe Wire and Comb Binding Machine

X5 Comb & Wire Two machines in 1, the X5 is both a wire binding machine and a comb binding machine, it is simple and easy to operate, giving you a choice of editable comb binding or something more permanent wire binding.
  • Comb and wire binder all in one
  • Punching capacity up to 20 sheets
  • 3:1 pitch wires
  • Accepts 6 to 16mm wires
  • 21 ring combs
  • Accepts 6 to 50mm combs
  • Comb opener built in
  • Wire closer built in
  • Metal construction
  • Large waste draw