Nagel Citoborma 111

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Citoborma 111 Paper Drill

Suitable for a variety of applications from the small print shop to the busy office. The 111 stands out in quality and performance, able to drill through 50mm of paper or 500 sheets of 80GSM, coupled by the self-centring table with pre-set tab stops to suite standard 2,3 and 4 hole pattern ring binders, the table also large enough to accept A3 paper.
  • pre-set hole patterns for A5,A4 and A3
  • Standard stops 2, 3 and 4 hole patterns
  • Infinite variable stops
  • Self-centring table
  • Large side paper guides
  • Margin adjustable to 28mm
  • Drill bit sizes from 2 to 9mm diameter
  • Dimensions H,W,D 48 x 47 x 47cm
  • Weight 26kg
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Citoborma 111