Qupa NB989 Electric Binding System with interchangeable Die’s

Manufacturer: Qupa | SKU: MQUPANB989


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Qupa NB989 Punching System

Electric binding system with interchangeable die’s  allow’s the ability to produce on demand and different binding methods required, the NB989 is a heavy duty punch machine able to be fitted with interchangeable die’s, this would include comb, 2:1 wire 3:1 wire and plastic spiral in different pitch types, one at a time the dies are simply locked into place on the NB989 for the binding process to begin.
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Punch up to 30 sheets at a pass
  • Auto fire or foot pedal operation
  • Interchangeable dies slide in slide out
  • Dies include
  • Comb
  • 2:1 wire
  • 3:1 wire
  • 4:1 spiral
  • 6mm spiral
  • 3:1 calendar round
  • 3:1 calendar square
Model numbers
Qupa NB989