Ausjetech 331SCC Card Cutter

Manufacturer: Dumor | SKU: MAUS331SCC-PF


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Ausjetech 331SCC Card Cutter

Ausjetech 331SCC card cutter is a Multi Cut Finisher and is exactly that, Slit, cut, crease or perforate in a single pass to finish printed media, business cards, flyers, invitations, tags , the list is endless, the 331SCC is a simple system offering the versatility of changing cutting widths and lengths without removing accessories, and this can all be done in a single pass. Cut mark registrations also available compensates for any image shift for a clean and accurate cut.
  • Position adjustable slit heads
  • Programable cut lengths
  • Easy exchangeable slide in crease or perforate
  • Mark reader for image drift compensation
  • Compact design
  • Hand feed with central registration
  • Sheet size up to 330 x 650
  • Includes 4 trimmer 2 x gutter 2 x side trim
  • Cut up to 32 times in one pass
  • Score or perforate up to 32 times in one pass

331SCC Business card cutter