Ausjetech 9375BSC Card Cutter

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Ausjetech 9375BSC Multi Cut

Ausjetech 9375BSC Card Cutter with bar code reader, dual crease bars, and partial perforation linear and cross section as standard is a complete finishing system Slit, cut, crease, perforate and or partial perforate in a single pass, the potential jobs for the 9375BSC is endless. Dual module crease perforate bars, this allows for crease up crease down in a single pass or crease and perforate in a single pass together with partial perforation Partial perforation, drop and lift perforation both cross page and linear  in a single pass.
  • Barcode and mark recognition reader
  • Suction auto feed
  • Suction registration table
  • 150mm pile height feed table
  • 9 inch touch screen
  • Programmable jobs
  • Ultrasonic double document detection
  • Position adjustable slit heads
  • Programable cut lengths
  • Easy exchangeable dual slide in crease or perforate
  • Mark reader for image drift compensation
  • X and Y axis image drift compensation
  • Compact design
  • Sheet size up to 370 x 900
  • Includes independent 6 trimmers
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Ausjetech 9375BSC

Ausjetech 9375BSC super cut