Grafcut Hydraulic Guillotine 73 A1 B1

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GrafCut Hydraulic Guillotine G73H

The Grafcut Guillotine G73 is a commercial guillotine designed for precise cutting tasks and is perfect for the on demand print shop for cutting up to B2. With its advanced safety features and user-friendly interface, this machine streamlines the cutting process in such environments as print shops or publishing houses. Whether handling thick cardstock or delicate paper, the Grafcut G73 delivers the consistent results of a serious, professional paper guillotine.
  • Flagship Grafcut Hydraulic Guillotine from Grafcut Europe
  • Powerful, Smooth Fully Hydraulic Drive of Blade and Clamp – Perfect for Larger Format Requirements
  • Hydraulic Clamp with Adjustable Pressure (200daN to 2,100daN)
  • Hydraulically Powered Foot Treadle Operation for Pre-Clamping of Awkward Stock
  • Removable False Clamp Pad for Even Pressure Distribution and Zero Marking of Delicate Stock
  • High Quality Commercial Grade Motors and Gearbox for Constant Use
  • Programmable Air Table Works in Union with the Operator
  • Stainless Steel Front and Rear Tables for lifelong use
  • Intelligent IR Safety System by SICK
  • Frameless IR Gives a Larger Working Area without Obstructions
  • Intelligent Colour 7″ (175 mm) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Fully Programmable with 100 Programs, 100 Cut Positions, Repeat Cut and Business Card Function
  • Full Qwerty Keyboard for Character Naming Memory for Easy Recall
  • Ideal for Sheet Sizes up to A1 or B1
  • Cuts up to 730 mm Width
  • Back Gauge Measurement up to 730 mm
  • Cuts up to 100 mm (Approx 1,000 sheets)
  • Minimum Cut Size 30 mm (with False Clamp Plate Fitted = 60 mm)
  • Effortless Cutting with True Electronic Twin Trigger Activation via Integrated PLC
  • Automatic Blade & Clamp Return from Every Position (Latest EN Standard Compliance)
  • Red LED Cut Line Indication
  • USB 3.0 Upgrade Port can be Plugged Directly into a Laptop for On-Demand Software Upgrades
  • Password Protect Main Screen to Ensure only Trained Operatives have Access
  • Side Table Extensions
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Fully Manufactured in the EU to the Highest Possible Standards
  • Perfect for Medium to Large Digital Printers

Grafcut 73H

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