Rynak Perfect Binder

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Rynak PB 60 Semi Automatic

Rynak perfect binder PB60, semi automatic SRA3 with spine milling, edge glueing and double spine glue rollers, this is a perfect machine for the on demand digital market. Small or large jobs. The Rynak perfect binder PB60 is quick to warm up and simple to operate producing up to 360 books per hour, two different types of EVA glue is  available, standard EVA great for bond stock, and a digital high tac for digital stock. Automatic and or manual modes also able to be selected to suit the environment and job at the time via the digital touch panel.
  • Max length 420mm
  • Max thickness 60mm
  • Binding speed 350 books per hour
  • Milling cutter 24 tooth
  • Side gluing
  • Skew adjustment
  • Auto cover clamp
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Rynak PB60