Rynak PRO 10R Laminator

Manufacturer: Rynak | SKU: MRPRO10R-PF


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Rynak Pro 10R Laminator

The Rynak Pro 10R laminator is a digital 10 roller commercial machine. This is a a true commercial grade laminator with silicon rollers that are able to be cleaned to prolong the life of the machine and to also produce quality laminates.
  • High speed laminator up to 4000mm per minute
  • Digital display showing temperature and speed
  • Pouch thickness 80 to 350 micron
  • Speed control variable
  • Temperature control from 0 – 160c°
  • 10 rollers to ensure quality laminating
  • Maximum thickness 3mm
  • Auto cool down to protect rollers
  • Metal case solid construction
  • Laminates all sizes up to A3
  • Removable top panel to clean rollers
  • Reverse function
  • Photographic laminator suitable for all photos and digital copies
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Rynak Pro 10R