Rynak 390A Celloglazer

Manufacturer: Rynak | SKU: MR390A-PF


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Rynak 390A Celloglazer with centre aligned suction feed and Pneumatic pressure rollers


Rynak 390A Pneumatic Celloglazer

Rynak 390A Celloglazer with a centre aligned suction feed system ensuring accurate feeding at all times ,pneumatic pressure nip roller combined with a large 128mm steel heated roller giving a perfect smooth finish, pneumatic separator rollers delivering single cut sheets, variable speed up to 12 meters per minute.Suction feed
  • Suction feed centre aligned
  • 150mm deep Feed table
  • Anti curl
  • up to 12 meters per minute
  • 128mm diameter steel heated roller
  • Auto stop after last sheet
  • Perforate and burst delivers single sheet
  • LCD display
  • Foiling rewind as standard
Model numbers
Rynak 390A